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Read “The Ultimate Survival Guide for Business in Japan” (e)Book from Philippe Huysveld (GBMC)

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Japan Books – Philippe Huysveld (GBMC) – « Japan Series »

Philippe Huysveld (GBMC) : « Japan Series »: A new series of Books (5) about the economy, the society, the culture, business, tourism and the history of Japan.


<Paris, January 2018>

Mastering the cultural, linguistic, social, economic, technical and business specificities of the Far East and in particular of Japan is not an easy thing and demands a certain amount of investment in time and resources.

For this purpose, Philippe Huysveld, Japan expert and senior consultant in Europe-Japan business at the consulting firm GBMC (Global Business & Management Consulting, www.gbmc.biz), has written and proposes to you his series of books about Japan, entitled « Japan Series ».

Made of 5 books, available as well in digital format (eBook) as in paper format (paperback), this collection’s objective is to share with business men, students, Japan “aficionados” and the general public about the various aspects of the Land of the Rising Sun.


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Free Webinar “B2C and B2B Marketing in Japan” at the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation

B2C and B2B Marketing in Japan

B2C and B2B Marketing in Japan

Webinar 09: Get to Know your Client and Adapt

15-04-14 | 10:30 h – 11:30 h Brussels time

How to Master B2C and B2B Marketing in Japan?

Many export managers have experienced over the years in which way Time, Quality, Reactivity and Service have another dimension in the Country of the Rising Sun. The interest of Japan Success Stories lays in what they usually showcase, that is, Persistence and Concepts like “Getting to know your Client” or “Adapt and Change”, more than in the very results achieved. In this webinar, we will give you some insight into the Japanese Market, as well B2C as B2B, and we will show you how to Adapt to the local specificities.

In the first part (B2C), we will speak about the Retail Market, the traditional “Japanese Consumer Mindset”, the changes in Japanese Consumer Behaviours and the growth of the Internet Retail Market. Further, taking from our experience and from over 50 EU Success Stories in Japan, we will make recommendations for your B2C Marketing Mix in Japan. In the second part (B2B), we will make an overview of Japan’s B2B Universe from a regional, a national and a global point of view. We will speak about Private B2B Directories, Public tenders, the Reconstruction Process, as well as about the governmental policy of Industrial Clusters nationwide, as potential sources of business opportunities. Finally, we will make recommendations for your B2B Marketing Mix in Japan.

The webinar is targeted to EU companies exporting to Japan (Indirect Sales) or to EU companies already established and doing business in Japan (Direct Sales).

Registrations are open until the 11/04/2014 included.

What you will learn during this webinar?

In 40 minutes from your desk, discover:

  • How the traditional “Japanese Consumer Mindset” is changing?
  • Where are the opportunities in the Internet Retail Market?
  • How to adapt your B2C Marketing Mix?
  • How to look for online opportunities in Japan’s B2B Universe?
  • How to adapt your B2B Marketing Mix?



  • Introduction
  • Expert’s presentation
  • Q&A Session
  • Conclusion

Speaker:  Philippe HUYSVELD, Senior Consultant & CEO, GBMC (Global Business & Management Consulting)

Organiser: EU-JAPAN CENTRE for Industrial Cooperation – EU-based Office (Brussels)

If interested, please register at the Centre: http://www.eubusinessinjapan.eu/user/register

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