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MRJ’s Latest Development Status

20151127_MRJ_3rd Flight Test_3 (Picture - Mitsubishi Aircraft)

20151127_MRJ_3rd Flight Test_3 (Picture – Mitsubishi Aircraft)


“Nagoya, December 24, 2015 –Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) today announced that the companies will change the first delivery schedule of the MRJ (Mitsubishi Regional Jet), their next-generation regional jet, from the second quarter of 2017 to approximately one year later.

The first flight and the subsequent flight tests have confirmed the basic characteristics to be satisfactory. However, we also have recognized several issues as we attempt to accelerate our development. In order to tackle these issues and address the perspectives below, we have reviewed and revised our overall schedule.

Specifically, in the progress of our engineering work together with experts in the United States, we have made additions to and revisions of test items in order to complete a better-integrated aircraft. These have been reflected in the new delivery schedule. In addition, we have undertaken an overall review with our partners, and reflected this in our development schedule.

Looking ahead, we will be managing our milestones, and increasing the precision of our schedule as we progress. We will also carry out flight test campaign in North America as soon as feasible and assign the roles and responsibilities of the three engineering bases (Mitsubishi Aircraft Headquarters, Seattle Engineering Center and Moses-Lake Test Center) for prompt execution in all fields. With all these measures, we aim to propel the development of the MRJ.

We remain firmly committed to providing our customers with better-integrated aircraft with higher levels of safety and reliability, as well as high-quality services.”       

(MRJ’s Press Release:  Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation & Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd)

We regret the delay but it is probably necessary in order to complete a better aircraft!

Looking forward to seeing the results!



More about the first, second and third MRJ Test Flights !!


“At 9:35 a.m. on November 11, the first flight test aircraft of the MRJ approached takeoff speed, easing up slowly at first, then quietly soared into the autumn sky. After its takeoff at Nagoya Airport, it proceeded to training airspace over the Pacific, with a view of Mt. Fuji in the distance. Tests confirmed the aircraft’s basic characteristics in maneuvers including ascent, descent and circling left and right. The first flight test aircraft reached a maximum altitude of 15,000ft (approx. 4,500m) and a maximum speed of 150Kt (approx. 280Km/h).

It landed at Nagoya Airport at 11:02 a.m., completing a successful first flight lasting 1 hr., 27 min. Cheers of delight and relief were heard from officials looking on from a gathering area by the runway and engineers standing ready in our office to handle possible contingencies, as well as from crowds of people watching from parks and other locations in the vicinity.

For us, for Japan, and for the worldwide aviation industry, November 11, 2015, will go down as a historic day. This test accomplished the first flight of a domestically-developed passenger airliner since the YS-11 53 years ago.

After the first (successful) MRJ (Mitsubishi Regional Jet) Test Flight on November 11,  Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation conducted the 2nd & 3rd flight tests of the first flight test aircraft  on Thursday, November 19 and Friday, November 27 respectively.”         (Mitsubishi Aircraft’s PR)



The GBMC Team


More Test Flight Videos from:


Mitsubishi MRJ Movie Theater

Congratulations – MRJ First Flight Live !!!


Press Release from Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation & Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

“The First Flight Schedule of MRJ

Nagoya, November 10, 2015 –




Mitsubishi Aircraft and MHI will broadcast the “MRJ (Mitsubishi Regional Jet) First Flight Live” streaming , especially the takeoff and landing from Nagoya Airfield, Japan.

Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) today jointly announced that the first flight of the first flight test aircraft of the MRJ is scheduled to take place in the morning of November 11.

In implementing the flight test, utmost priority will be given to safety.The flight schedule is subject to change if deemed necessary due to conditions relating to the aircraft, weather, etc.”

Live webcast is scheduled at the following sites, to show takeoff and landing on the day of the first flight:
Website URL: www.flythemrj.com
Live webcast (USTREAM): http://www.ustream.tv/channel/NtahYVsFWxG

Looking forward to seeing that!

The  GBMC Team

MRJ’s official flight approval: A move forward towards the first flight !!


Mitsubishi MRJ (Picture - Wikipedia)

Mitsubishi MRJ (Picture – Wikipedia)


“The 1st flight test aircraft of the MRJ started mid-speed taxiing tests on the runway of the Nagoya Airport (Toyoyama-cho, Aichi Prefecture) in early October to confirm braking and direction control steering.

The MRJ gained flight approval on October 29 following the pre-flight review board by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

Moving forward, high-speed taxiing tests and evaluations will be performed in preparation for the first flight.” (Source: MRJ Newsletter Vol 6 – Octobre 2015)

More details from:   MRJ Newsletter_Vol.6_E_20151029


We wish the best to the MRJ Team for the first flight, which might take place soon, in Novembre!

We will keep you informed! Stay tuned!


The GBMC Team

Paris Air Show 2015 (Le Bourget) Review

The Paris Air Show 2015 (Le Bourget) has just ended! Again, it has been a major attraction for the Aerospace business in Europe and worldwide. Of course, we were there!

ANALYSIS: Paris air show 2015 order tracker (Source: Flightglobal.com)





SIAE 2015  Order values by Manufacturer (Flightglobal)

SIAE 2015 Order values by Manufacturer (Flightglobal)

Read more from:

ANALYSIS: Paris air show 2015 order tracker – update


Hereunder we post a few interesting things/videos/planes which we saw, recorded or noted on site:

1) MRJ First Taxiing June 8, 2015

MRJ (Mitsubishi Regional Jet) has successfully marked a first taxiing test at the Nagoya Airport on June 8, 2015 by Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation (MITAC) and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI).

Besides the 70-seat and 90-seat models being tested now, Mitsubishi Aircraft is planning to add a 100-seat version. So far, 400 units (purchase options included) have been sold.

A mock up was shown in the MRJ chalet at the Bourget show. The following video was shown by Mitsubishi Aircraft at the GNIC symposium.

Check out the following video:


2) The US-2 from ShinMeiwa

The US-2 is an Amphibian Aircraft for Sea Search & Rescue, Maritime Patrol, Emergency Transportation and even Fire Fighting! ShinMeiwa was present at the Bourget on the shared SJAC booth.

Check out the following video:


3) The A380 demo flight at the Bourget show

Ten years after the A380’s quietly impressive airborne choreography wowed the crowds at its Le Bourget debut, AIRBUS continues to insist that a commercial breakthrough for the world’s largest airliner is on the horizon, even if it now concedes its flagship is not going to transform long-haul flying in the way the world’s first jumbo jet, the Boeing 747, did in the 1980s. However, with airlines and passengers having had plenty time to get used to the ultra-large airliner and no orders for the type for many months, even Airbus’s modest targets could be ambitious.” (Source: Flightglobal.com)

Check out the following video:


4) Miscellaneous FLYING DISPLAYs (GBMC hand-made Videos by M. Motoko Huysveld) 


You will find, among the following videos, Flying Displays of Airbus Military A400M, Dassault Falcon 8X, Dassault Rafale, AIRBUS A380, Helicopter NH90 Caiman as well as Acrobatics / Extra Aircrafts !!














A “made in Japan” airplane for a top Japanese airline? Why not?

MRJ under construction (Japan Times)

A “made in Japan” airplane



ANA has already ordered 25 regional jets MRJ (sold by Mitsubishi Aircraft).

Why is JAL slow in following? More details hereunder:




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