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Read “The Ultimate Survival Guide for Business in Japan” (e)Book from Philippe Huysveld (GBMC)

Source: Ultimate Survival Guide Business Japan, Book, Philippe Huysveld


Japan Books – Philippe Huysveld (GBMC) – « Japan Series »

Philippe Huysveld (GBMC) : « Japan Series »: A new series of Books (5) about the economy, the society, the culture, business, tourism and the history of Japan.


<Paris, January 2018>

Mastering the cultural, linguistic, social, economic, technical and business specificities of the Far East and in particular of Japan is not an easy thing and demands a certain amount of investment in time and resources.

For this purpose, Philippe Huysveld, Japan expert and senior consultant in Europe-Japan business at the consulting firm GBMC (Global Business & Management Consulting, www.gbmc.biz), has written and proposes to you his series of books about Japan, entitled « Japan Series ».

Made of 5 books, available as well in digital format (eBook) as in paper format (paperback), this collection’s objective is to share with business men, students, Japan “aficionados” and the general public about the various aspects of the Land of the Rising Sun.


More details about our Press Release:



Edition : « Japan Series » : Une nouvelle série d’ouvrages (5) sur l’économie, le commerce, la société, la culture, le tourisme et l’histoire du Japon





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Mery Christmas and a Happy New Year !!

Mery Christmas and a Happy New Year !!

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Shinnen Akemasite Omedetou Gozaimasu (GBMC)

Shinnen Akemasite Omedetou Gozaimasu (GBMC)


We wish you a Happy End of the Year Holiday and we are looking forward to keeping in touch, working, engaging or exchanging with you again next year !
In 2018, please feel free to contact us, as well as to follow us on our Blog (www.gbmc-blog.biz) or to check regularly our website (www.gbmc.biz) for updates.
Best Wishes,
The GBMC Team
Europe-Japan Business Consultants
GBMC (Global Business & Management Consulting)
Paris, France

Livres Japon: Philippe Huysveld: “Japan series”

Philippe Huysveld (GBMC) : « Japan Series » : Nouvelle série d’ouvrages (5) sur l’économie, le commerce, la société, la culture, le tourisme et l’histoire du Japon.


<Paris, Novembre 2017> Maîtriser les spécificités culturelles, linguistiques, sociales, économiques, techniques et « business » de l’Extrême-Orient et en particulier du Japon n’est pas chose simple et demande un certain investissement en temps et en ressources.

A cet effet, Philippe Huysveld, expert « Japon » et consultant sénior en affaires Europe-Japon du cabinet de conseil GBMC (Global Business & Management Consulting), a écrit et vous propose sa collection d’ouvrages sur le Japon, intitulée « Japan Series ».

Constituée de 5 ouvrages, disponibles aussi bien en format numérique eBook qu’en format papier « paperback », cette collection a pour but de faire partager aux hommes d’affaires, aux étudiants, aux passionnés du Japon et au grand public les diverses facettes du Pays du Soleil levant.


Plus de détails à propos de notre Communiqué de Presse:



Workshop “Keys for Success in Japan”

Workshop “Keys for Success in Japan” in the context of the Val d’Oise Prefecture’s Novembre 2017 Japan Promotion Action “Le Mois du Japon”, at CEEVO offices, Cergy-Pontoise, France (Novembre 15th, 2017)


Interactive Japan Business Workshop: Atelier “Les clés du succès au Japon”:

“ Destiné aux entreprises désireuses de nouer des partenariats avec des Japonais, ou de se développer sur le marché nippon, cet atelier abordera les thèmes suivants : communiquer avec des Japonais, adapter ses méthodes de travail, négocier avec des Japonais ou encore, s’approprier les bonnes pratiques pour développer des affaires au Japon.
Cet atelier durera entre 1h30 et 2 heures au maximum.

Intervenants :

Monsieur Jean- François BENON, Directeur Général du CEEVO (Comité d’Expansion Economique du Val d’Oise).​Monsieur Philippe HUYSVELD, Consultant Business Europe-Japon, GBMC (Global Business & Management Consulting).”

Novembre 15th 2017, 18-20:00 at Conseil départemental du Val d’Oise (Cergy), Cergy-Pontoise (Val d’Oise), Paris area, France


“5 Clefs pour réussir en affaires au Japon” (in French)

a GBMC’s cross-cultural management related Workshop

GBMC Presentation – Les clefs du succès au Japon – CEEVO – Nov 2017 (hand out)

Mr Benon of CEEVO and Philippe Huysveld of GBMC animated this France-Japan Business related Workshop, during which we spoke about “Keys for Success in Japan” and replied to questions of the participants in a very interactive way (2 hours session in total)!


PS> if your are interested by Japan Business, check out our books on the subject:





EU-Japan: Making moves towards trade liberalisation!

Strategic Alliances and Partnerships in Japan

GBMC’s article published in the Septembre 2017 issue (issue 50) of “The Shipping Network Magazine”, the official magazine of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers (see pages 12 and 13).

Content: Update on the status of the negotiations for the EU-Japan EPA (Economic Partnership Agreement) and Analyse of the impact of populism on a future deal.

Download the magazine (PDF file) from here: ICS – Shipping Network Magazine – 50 septembre 2017


MOSAICA JAPONICA, Lecture Culturelle du Japon socio-économique

Read my (e)Book “MOSAICA JAPONICA” and learn more about Japan’s Culture!

“MOSAICA JAPONICA: Lecture Culturelle du Japon socio-économique”

“Japan Series”: Livre/Book 3

an (e)Book (in French) about the Relations between Culture, Society and Economy in Japan

(Avec une Préface d’André Jaumotte)


Source: MOSAICA JAPONICA, Lecture Culturelle du Japon socio-économique


ANNEES 90” (in French) and learn more about Japan!


Third edition of the (e)Book “The Ultimate Survival Guide for Business in Japan”

The Ultimate Survival Guide for Business in Japan
by Philippe Huysveld
“Japan Series”: Book/Livre II
Editor: Lulu.com



“The first edition of this book was released under digital format (eBook) in 2014. In 2015, a second edition of the eBook was released, containing, besides minor changes here and there, two important additions: Chapter VII about “the Japanese Consumer Mindset” and Chapter XI about “3 Keys for Success in Japan”. In 2017, the third edition is being released with a new Table of Contents and a revision of Chapter XI, becoming “5 Keys for Success in Japan”.

This book is targeted at business executives of companies:
• approaching the Japanese Market,
• reviewing their options in terms of Japan Entry Strategy,
• already exporting to Japan (Indirect Sales) or,
• already established and doing business in Japan (Direct Sales).

In this book, we show:
• That the Japanese Market is a great market to approach and that, provided the right methodology and marketing mix, there are great opportunities to seize in the long-term for foreign companies.
• That it is necessary to get familiar with cross-cultural differences and to understand better your Japanese clients, their country, their culture and their business system.
• How to market your products or services in Japan (B2C and B2B Marketing Guidelines).
• Which Entry Strategies are available to foreign companies to choose from and guidelines for selection.”



More information from our Press Release at http://gbmc.agence-presse.net/?p=30&preview=true

or from our website at http://www.gbmc.biz/survival-guide–e-book.html




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