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Toyota invests in computer science and human-machine interaction aiming at reducing highway injuries and fatalities

AI (Picture - micronobal.com)

AI (Picture – micronobal.com)


“Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) announced on September 4, 2015 that it would invest approximately $50 million over the next 5 years to establish joint research centers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Stanford University  to broaden its focus on computer science and human-machine interaction with an immediate goal of reducing highway injuries and fatalities.

As we age, mobility becomes more challenging; and larger segments of society are unable to drive or move freely. Also, the demands on healthcare systems and those who support the physically infirm continue to increase. Toyota believes the opportunities to improve every-day living through artificial intelligence supported technologies are boundless, with significant breakthrough potential for the development of life-saving intelligent vehicles and life-improving robots.”  (Toyota Newsroom)



Is Artificial Intelligence Research the key to our future challenges? What is your take on this?

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Japan is planning an “International Robot Competition” in 2020!!!

The future of robotics

The future of robotics


“A committee of experts to discuss an international robot competition that the Japanese government wants to hold in 2020 met for the first time on Feb. 2, and suggested that the competition cover three categories: product-making, services, and public interest projects. 

“Product-making” would cover fields like factory work and agriculture. “Services” events would include areas like customer service and providing care for the infirm. “Public interest” would cover fields like checks on public infrastructure and disaster rescue operations.”  (The Mainichi Shimbun)

Japan(2020) = (Olympics + Robots) x C2 !

Great but to which extend should humans push for robot development?

More details from:  Japan is planning an “International Robot Competition” in 2020!!!

A Robotic Village in Tokyo by 2020?

Robotic Village Tokyo 2020 (Source - Japan Science and Technology Ministry).

Robotic Village Tokyo 2020 (Source – Japan Science and Technology Ministry).


“Japan will use the 2020 Tokyo Olympics to showcase its robotics technology and give visitors a sense of a futuristic society where humans are waited on hand and foot by robots.

A committee of the science and technology ministry that was formed Sept. 15 proposed setting up a robotic village in time for the Games as part of an initiative toward a “universal future society” where robots and information technologies that assist humans regardless of age, nationality or disabilities are commonplace.” (The Asahi Shimbun)

More details from:   A Robotic Village in Tokyo by 2020?


Will this cutting-edge Innovation be to the Tokyo Olympics 2020 what the “Tokaido Shinkansen” (Bullet Train) was to the first Tokyo Olympics in 1964? What can we expect to see? What do you think?



Japan: Robots helping to reduce farmers’ and fishers’ workload!

Robots for farming and fishing (from The Yomiuri Shimbun)

Robots for farming and fishing (from The Yomiuri Shimbun)

“Research institutes and universities in Japan are developing robots to play an active part in the primary industries of agriculture and fisheries, which are suffering from aging workers and a lack of manpower. The robots are intended to alleviate the farmers’ workload and improve the quality of crops.

The Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Ministry actively supports the move with the idea of “making good use of Japan’s robotics technology, which has long been utilized mainly in factories, now in the field of agriculture.”

The central government set a goal in January to quadruple the size of the robot market to ¥2.4 trillion by 2020, and the primary industries are positioned as a crucial field in which to utilize the robots.

The average age of farmers in Japan was 66.7 in 2014, with 64 percent of them 65 or older. Under the circumstances, there is great interest in using robots to make up for a shortfall in agricultural manpower.” (The Yomiuri Shimbun)


These are all great applications for Robotics Technology whose future seems bright. The next challenge is commercialisation! What do you think?



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Japan: Robots helping to reduce farmers’ and fishers’ workload!


Is Japan experiencing a Robot Revolution?

Japanese robot on the moon

Japanese robot on the moon


“Japan is one of the few countries in the world likely to experience something that popular movies have predicted for years: a robot revolution. With PM Abe’s release of his plans for economic structural reform, the topic of creating a Robot Revolution Realization Council came to fruition. The premise of this council is to examine the possibility of introducing more robots into sectors such as manufacturing, agriculture, transportation, and even nursing care to help foster growth in Japan.”    (Riley Walters, The Daily Signal)

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Is Japan experiencing a Robot Revolution?


OHaNAS: get a Japanese Robot Friend (友達 ) and pratice your Japanese !!

OHaNAS (picture: Japan Times)

OHaNAS (picture: Japan Times)


Tomy Co  introduced a conversation robot jointly developed with NTT Docomo Inc. that it claims can hold “natural” conversations with people.

“We want to develop toys that are not only for play, but also for jumping into people’s everyday lives to make them more convenient,” said Tomy COO H.G. Meiji.

The robot, Ohanas, is scheduled for release on Oct. 1 (in Japanese only) and converses with help from a cloud-based conversation database that Docomo calls the “natural-language dialogue platform,” the two firms said.

Check out the Video:

OHaNas: get a Japanese Robot Friend (友達 )!!

and the article (source: Japan Times)

OHaNas: get a Japanese Robot Friend (友達 )!!



Soon the “Rise of the Machines”?

OR “14 surprising jobs that robots are doing”

(Source:  Business Insider, MSN)

The Rise of Machines ???

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