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EU-Japan: Making moves towards trade liberalisation!

Strategic Alliances and Partnerships in Japan

GBMC’s article published in the Septembre 2017 issue (issue 50) of “The Shipping Network Magazine”, the official magazine of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers (see pages 12 and 13).

Content: Update on the status of the negotiations for the EU-Japan EPA (Economic Partnership Agreement) and Analyse of the impact of populism on a future deal.

Download the magazine (PDF file) from here: ICS – Shipping Network Magazine – 50 septembre 2017



Hommage au Baron André L. JAUMOTTE (ULB)



Ce n’est que récemment, en publiant la version “papier” de mon livre “MOSAICA JAPONICA: Lecture Culturelle du Japon socio-économique”, que je me suis aperçu de ce que André JAUMOTTE nous a quitté le 18 décembre 2016, à l’âge de 97 ans. Ce livre, dont le premier jet remonte à 1995, je le dois en partie à André (qui avait alors 76 ans) dont j’ai bénéficié des judicieux commentaires et qui en a écrit la préface, écrite avec beaucoup de passion et de précision!

En effet, Recteur et Président honoraires de l’Université de Bruxelles (ULB), membre émérite de l’Académie Royale de Belgique, titulaire de nombreuses distinctions scientifiques et honorifiques, André JAUMOTTE se passionnait également pour les Arts, l’Asie et le JAPON, en particulier. Fruit de ses nombreux déplacements au Pays du Soleil Levant et de sa contribution au développement des relations académiques et scientifiques de la Belgique avec le Japon, il avait aussi été décoré par le gouvernement japonais de “l’Ordre du Trésor Sacré avec étoile d’or et d’argent”.


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Mery Christmas and a Happy New Year !!

Mery Christmas and a Happy New Year !!

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Shinnen Akemasite Omedetou Gozaimasu (GBMC)

Shinnen Akemasite Omedetou Gozaimasu (GBMC)


We wish you a Happy End of the Year Holiday and we are looking forward to keeping in touch, working, engaging or exchanging with you again next year !
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The GBMC Team
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EU-Japan FTA: towards Open Markets and Stronger Economies!

EU-Japan Trade

EU-Japan Trade


EU Commissioner Elżbieta Bieńkowska:

“If we can work together effectively on the basis of open markets, our economies will gain, our businesses will gain, and our consumers will gain,” insisted EU Commissioner Elżbieta Bieńkowska in her speech at the EU-Japan Business Round Table in Tokyo to an audience that included Japanese Cabinet Ministers and businesspeople.

“The free trade agreement that we are negotiating will stimulate growth on both sides.

She noted that there are those who believe markets and borders should be shut, but pointed to the fact that this has not worked historically. If Japan and the EU are to move forward and grow economically, these voices of opposition must be proven wrong; and in order to do this, both entities must work closely together.”    (EUROBIZ News)


Very well. Enough negotiations: When will a deal be signed?? Meanwhile, because of  higher trade tariffs, Europeans companies are loosing ground (market shares) in Japan to US rivals and others!!

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Brexit: relocate to and invest in Paris and Brussels areas!!






Well, as you know, the British people have decided to leave the EU-28! So be it.

What will be the new (trade/financial) relations between UK and the EU-27 is still unclear but we already know that some banks, multinationals and investors (some of them being Japanese) will/might relocate or move part of their activities to Paris, Frankfurt or other EU cities (like Brussels). For example, HSBC bank announced its plan to shift 1000 jobs to Paris. JP Morgan will also move thousands of jobs to continental Europe.

So, it is the right  timing now to review the “Top 10 reasons to invest in Paris area”:

as well as the “9 Good reasons to invest in Belgium”:

9 Good reasons to invest in Belgium

Also check our previous post on this Blog:

as well as our own (home-made) “European Countries Profile Handbook series”:–report-.html


So what is your company waiting for? What do you think?


French Tech Tokyo : a bridge to the new “Start up Republic”?

La French Tech (source maddyness)

La French Tech (source – Maddyness)

“In recent years, the French startup ecosystem has enjoyed incredible momentum, driven by a new generation of entrepreneurs, investors, engineers, designers and many other talented individuals. France has been called a new “Startup Republic”, dotted with thriving hubs and talent that are vehicles for a robust entrepreneurial mindset. 

This domestic momentum has a name – “French Tech” – and French startups are rallying around this emblematic moniker. The ecosystem is developing very quickly and there is no doubt that France has now reached a tipping point. 

This can be easily seen in Paris with its numerous innovation stakeholders, and where a strong political will acts as a driving force. The city is quite simply bubbling with activity, with over 40 business incubators, 80 coworking spaces, 20 fab labs, close from 1,500 startups being set up annually, and a growing number of success stories. Today, there is an exceptionally strong impetus in Paris and this has been acknowledged and heralded by international rankings. 

For example, it is the world’s leading city for intellectual capital and innovation (PwC Cities of Opportunity, May 2014) and it is now the leader in Europe for the vibrancy of its innovation market as regards the amount of fundraising and number of transactions. Lastly, it appears in the top six world tech cities (CB Insights, “The Next Silicon Valley”, November 2014).”    (La French Tech Tokyo Hub)

Interested in investing or joining?

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FLIGHT TEST Review: the Falcon 8X from Dassault is out now!

FALCON 8X (Picture Flightglobal - Dassault)

FALCON 8X (Picture Flightglobal – Dassault)


“When the annual EBACE business aviation show kicks of in Geneva on 24 May, Dassault’s new flagship business jet, the ultra-long-range Falcon 8X, will be just days away from its planned joint European Aviation Safety Agency (CS 25) and US Federal Aviation Administration (FAR 25) certification. Its entry into service is planned for the third quarter of 2016.

Dassault describes the 8X as an evolution of its hugely successful Falcon 7X/EASy III cockpit – rather than a revolution – but one with a slew of extra cabin options, a substantial range increase and a raft of further avionic and reliability upgrades. All this while retaining the 7X’s outstanding characteristics, including its fly-by-wire digital flight control system; its flexibility in short field (and therefore non-hub) operations, both for landing and take-off; continued certificated steep approach capability (e.g. to airports such as London City, Lugano, La Mole and St Moritz); having a basic empty weight lighter by up to 25% or more than competitors; and with direct operating costs lower by even more significant margins, of up to 35%.”    (Flightglobal)

“Longer fuselage than the 7X, but with no empty weight penalty and more engine power 8X performance still delights.”  (Dassault Aviation)


Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing it in the air (flying)!

Let us know if you find a Video of it …

Read more from:  FLIGHT TEST Review: the Falcon 8X from Dassault is out now!




EU exit would make UK ‘less attractive’ to investors, says Japan’s PM

Shinzo Abe and David Cameron (Picture - AFP)

Shinzo Abe and David Cameron (Picture – AFP)

“The UK would be “less attractive” to Japanese investors if it votes to leave the European Union, Japan’s prime minister has said. Shinzo Abe said Japan’s business sector saw the UK as a “gateway” to Europe. Japan would rather negotiate a trade deal with the EU as a block, rather than with “individual states” in Europe. The UK will go to the polls in a referendum on its EU membership on 23 June.”  (BBC News)


UK leaving the EU would probably mean increased Japanese (and US) investments in Continental Europe in the future. Is it really what UK citizens want? What do you think about this EU Referendum in UK?


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EU-Japanese Teams (2) shortlisted for UK Railways Projects !!!

JTREC trains (Source - JTREC website)

JTREC trains (Source – JTREC website)



  1. Dutch-Japanese team shortlisted to compete for West Midlands (UK) Franchise:

The U.K. Department for Transport (DfT) announced on 7 April 2016 that three bidders have been shortlisted for the West Midlands passenger franchise, including West Midlands Trains Ltd, a subsidiary of the Abellio Transport Holding (Dutch national passenger rail operator (NS) Group), with JR East and Mitsui & Co. as minority partners. The new operator will take over the franchise in October 2017, with the contract award expected to be made in June 2017.

The DfT also announced that the consortium of JR East and Mitsui & Co. has been awarded a new Pre-Qualification Questionnaire Passport, which enables the consortium to express interest in franchises for the next four years, in an easier and less cumbersome way.”  (Source: JR East Newsletter #20)

For further information, please check:


2. Franco-Japanese team shortlisted for new trains in Liverpool (UK):


“Merseytravel, an executive body that provides professional, strategic and operational transport advice to the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority, announced on 11 January 2016 that five bidders including a team composed of  French and Japanese companies have been shortlisted for a contract to supply around 50 EMUs (Electric Multiple Units) for the Merseyrail network.

The Franco-Japanese team is composed of Mitsui, a major Japanese trading company, J-TREC, JR East’s subsidiary rolling stock manufacturing company, and France’s Alstom.

Bids are due to be submitted by the end of April and a preferred bidder will be identified towards the end of the year. The project is likely to cost around £400m.

This joint action between French and Japanese companies is the first of its kind in the European Union, and concrete business results are expected.”     (Source: JR East Newsletter #19)

For more information about J-TREC, please click:

The official announcement by Merseytravel can be accessed from:


Congratulations! Great to see EU-Japan Industrial Cooperation and breakthroughs in the highly sensitive Railways Sector !!!  What do you think?

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