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Japanese crown prince Naruhito invited to Versailles (France)

Editions L'Harmattan - MOSAICA JAPONICA - Philippe Huysveld

Editions L’Harmattan – MOSAICA JAPONICA – Philippe Huysveld


Le prince héritier du Japon Naruhito était à Paris mercredi. Reçu au château de Versailles, il a assisté à un spectacle de théâtre Nô avant un diner officiel.

Pour la troisième fois, Emmanuel Macron a choisi le somptueux décor de Versailles comme atout diplomatique, en accueillant mercredi soir au château royal le prince héritier du Japon Naruhito.

Devant une haie d’honneur de gardes républicains, le président a souhaité la bienvenue à son hôte dans la Cour royale, avant un entretien en tête-à-tête dans l’un des salons. Les deux hommes ont ensuite assisté dans l’Opéra royal à un spectacle de théâtre Nô mélangeant tradition et images en 3D. Un dîner officiel était ensuite organisé dans le vestibule haut de la chapelle royale.

Une centaine de personnalités françaises et japonaises des secteurs culturel, institutionnel et économique étaient invitées au spectacle et au dîner.” (Paris Match)

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Franco-Japan relations: 160 years on celebrate “Japonism 2018”

Article by E. Motoko Inui
Cross-Culture Advisor / Japan Market Consultant / Researcher
GBMC (Global Business & Management Consulting)


Franco-Japan relations: 160 years on celebrate “Japonism 2018”

Franco-Japan relations: 160 years on celebrate “Japonism 2018”

by E. Motoko Inui Cross-Culture Advisor / Japan Market Consultant / Researcher GBMC (Global Business & Management Consulting)

by E. Motoko Inui
Cross-Culture Advisor / Japan Market Consultant / Researcher
GBMC (Global Business & Management Consulting)


2018 celebrate the 160th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relation between France and Japan.

In 1858, Japan has opened up its door to the Western world and signed the Treaty of Amity and Commerce in Edo (the former Tokyo).  Until then, most of the relation Japan had with the western countries were limited to mainly Portugal, Dutch and the U.K.

Since the signing of the treaty, the relation has extended into culture as well as trade.

Japan has taken part in the Universal exposition in 19th centuries, where many examples of Japanese arts and crafts were exhibited in great numbers for the first time outside the country.  There were collectors and artists who showed great interest in Japanese prints and decorative arts for example, such enthusiasm for Japanese Arts and craft was to become known as “Japonism”.  Many great French Impressionists have collected Japanese prints and took some form of influence from it.  In the same way, many artists in Japan working in the early  20th century were keen to include new method of working from the west into their work as well. 

Other form of arts and culture in exchanges were in Cinema, literature, Manga, Animation and Cuisine. In regards to culinary and fashion, Japan has gone through major changes in the last century taking in vast influences from the west.  There were many expats and tourists from Japan coming to European countries especially in the 80s. There were considerably decreased in the 90s due to the economic depression in Japan. But since it’s gradual recovery, many European countries still ranks at the top of the holiday destination abroad. 


With the Free Trade Agreement and Economic Cooperation being finalised, the trade would inevitably increase between the European countries and Japan as well as cooperation in other area of the economy.  Working together in the mutual problem of the society like in renewable energy and security to name a few.

In regards to the security concern in the world, France and Japan has recently signed a bilateral agreement of the Acquisition and Cross-Servicing Agreement which will deepen security cooperation.  The mutual area of concern is maintaining “a free and open Indo-Pacific” and is aiming to strengthen coordination in maritime issues based on the rules of law in protecting the region.   Free and open seas are the foundation for the peace and prosperity of the international trade. 

2018 celebrate the 160th anniversary of bilateral relation between France and Japan.  Japan’s Ground Self-Defence Force took part in the Bastille Day parade in Paris in July.   France celebrates Japanese culture with 8 month festival covering various topics in different locations throughout the country.   


Brexit: relocate to and invest in Paris and Brussels areas!!






Well, as you know, the British people have decided to leave the EU-28! So be it.

What will be the new (trade/financial) relations between UK and the EU-27 is still unclear but we already know that some banks, multinationals and investors (some of them being Japanese) will/might relocate or move part of their activities to Paris, Frankfurt or other EU cities (like Brussels). For example, HSBC bank announced its plan to shift 1000 jobs to Paris. JP Morgan will also move thousands of jobs to continental Europe.

So, it is the right  timing now to review the “Top 10 reasons to invest in Paris area”:


as well as the “9 Good reasons to invest in Belgium”:

9 Good reasons to invest in Belgium

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So what is your company waiting for? What do you think?


French Tech Tokyo : a bridge to the new “Start up Republic”?

La French Tech (source maddyness)

La French Tech (source – Maddyness)

“In recent years, the French startup ecosystem has enjoyed incredible momentum, driven by a new generation of entrepreneurs, investors, engineers, designers and many other talented individuals. France has been called a new “Startup Republic”, dotted with thriving hubs and talent that are vehicles for a robust entrepreneurial mindset. 

This domestic momentum has a name – “French Tech” – and French startups are rallying around this emblematic moniker. The ecosystem is developing very quickly and there is no doubt that France has now reached a tipping point. 

This can be easily seen in Paris with its numerous innovation stakeholders, and where a strong political will acts as a driving force. The city is quite simply bubbling with activity, with over 40 business incubators, 80 coworking spaces, 20 fab labs, close from 1,500 startups being set up annually, and a growing number of success stories. Today, there is an exceptionally strong impetus in Paris and this has been acknowledged and heralded by international rankings. 

For example, it is the world’s leading city for intellectual capital and innovation (PwC Cities of Opportunity, May 2014) and it is now the leader in Europe for the vibrancy of its innovation market as regards the amount of fundraising and number of transactions. Lastly, it appears in the top six world tech cities (CB Insights, “The Next Silicon Valley”, November 2014).”    (La French Tech Tokyo Hub)

Interested in investing or joining?

More details from: http://tokyo.lafrenchtech.com




European Countries Profile Handbook – Western Europe

Map of Europe (Wikipedia)

Map of Europe (Wikipedia)


“GBMC Publications” is delighted to announce the Release of the following publication:


“European Countries Profile Handbook – Series 1 : Western Europe”

A Handbook by R. Motoko Huysveld and Philippe Huysveld 

(approximatively 65 pages)

January 2016 

This Handbook is intended to be a quick economic overview of 45 European countries and to highlight potential business segments for your business expansion into the European Market from a pan-European perspective.

Series 1 covers the following 9 countries of Western Europe:  France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Monaco, Liechtenstein, Belgium, Luxembourg and The Netherlands.

For more details, please check our website at:  http://www.gbmc.biz/Countries_Handbook.html


Je suis PARIS !!

Je suis Paris (Source - BILD.de)

Je suis Paris (Source – BILD.de)


With all our condolences and support to the families of the victims!

GBMC (Paris)

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