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Hommage au Baron André L. JAUMOTTE (ULB)

ANDRE JAUMOTTE (Source: www.academie-sciences.fr)

ANDRE JAUMOTTE (Source: http://www.academie-sciences.fr)

Ce n’est que récemment, en publiant la version “papier” de mon livre “MOSAICA JAPONICA: Lecture Culturelle du Japon socio-économique”, que je me suis aperçu de ce que André JAUMOTTE nous a quitté le 18 décembre 2016, à l’âge de 97 ans. Ce livre, dont le premier jet remonte à 1995, je le dois en partie à André (qui avait alors 76 ans) dont j’ai bénéficié des judicieux commentaires et qui en a écrit la préface, écrite avec beaucoup de passion et de précision!

En effet, Recteur et Président honoraires de l’Université de Bruxelles (ULB), membre émérite de l’Académie Royale de Belgique, titulaire de nombreuses distinctions scientifiques et honorifiques, André JAUMOTTE se passionnait également pour les Arts, l’Asie et le JAPON, en particulier. Fruit de ses nombreux déplacements au Pays du Soleil Levant et de sa contribution au développement des relations académiques et scientifiques de la Belgique avec le Japon, il avait aussi été décoré par le gouvernement japonais de “l’Ordre du Trésor Sacré avec étoile d’or et d’argent”.


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Brexit: relocate to and invest in Paris and Brussels areas!!






Well, as you know, the British people have decided to leave the EU-28! So be it.

What will be the new (trade/financial) relations between UK and the EU-27 is still unclear but we already know that some banks, multinationals and investors (some of them being Japanese) will/might relocate or move part of their activities to Paris, Frankfurt or other EU cities (like Brussels). For example, HSBC bank announced its plan to shift 1000 jobs to Paris. JP Morgan will also move thousands of jobs to continental Europe.

So, it is the right  timing now to review the “Top 10 reasons to invest in Paris area”:


as well as the “9 Good reasons to invest in Belgium”:

9 Good reasons to invest in Belgium

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as well as our own (home-made) “European Countries Profile Handbook series”:



So what is your company waiting for? What do you think?


2016: 150 years of Belgium-Japan diplomatic relations!

Belgium (Wikimedia commons)

Belgium (Wikimedia commons)

and Japan

and Japan

Interview of H.E. Gunther Sleeuwagen, Belgian Ambassador to Japan (by EUROBIZ Japan)

Belgium-Japan diplomatic relations may be celebrating 150 years, but the human connection that remains paramount today was initiated some 400 years ago:

“Well, for us now, Belgium and Japan are celebrating 150 years of diplomatic relations. However, our connection goes back further. The first Dutch ship arrived here some 400 years ago and there were Belgians on that boat. But we entered into formal diplomatic relations when we signed the treaty 150 years ago. We’re very pleased with the attention that the 150 year celebrations are getting in Belgium, but even more so in Japan. We are so proud of our good relations.

We are now in the process of organising the 150 year anniversary. So there will be cultural events and concerts, high-level visits, political, economic and academic exchanges. A broad variety of events are being organised, both in Japan and in Belgium.”  (Source: EUROBIZ)

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European Countries Profile Handbook – Western Europe

Map of Europe (Wikipedia)

Map of Europe (Wikipedia)


“GBMC Publications” is delighted to announce the Release of the following publication:


“European Countries Profile Handbook – Series 1 : Western Europe”

A Handbook by R. Motoko Huysveld and Philippe Huysveld 

(approximatively 65 pages)

January 2016 

This Handbook is intended to be a quick economic overview of 45 European countries and to highlight potential business segments for your business expansion into the European Market from a pan-European perspective.

Series 1 covers the following 9 countries of Western Europe:  France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Monaco, Liechtenstein, Belgium, Luxembourg and The Netherlands.

For more details, please check our website at:  http://www.gbmc.biz/Countries_Handbook.html


Belgium’s 10 innovative startups

Belgium (Wikimedia commons)

Belgium (Wikimedia commons)


“Belgium is bursting with creative and engineering talent. Meeting close to 1,000 Belgian tech founders and CEOs every year, I am always wowed by the often unique and innovative approaches of many of the country’s startups.

Two thirds of the startups in Belgium are B2B, the complete opposite of the 2/3-heavy B2C Silicon Valley. It shouldn’t come as a surprise. Belgium is right in the middle of the so called Blue Banana, the region with the most diverse industrial capabilities, expertise, and infrastructure in the world. It’s not a coincidence that Raspberry PI and Arduino were born here. It explains why the renaissance of hardware (startups) is taking place here and not in China or the U.S. So if you’re a B2B or hardware SME, leave the Valley aside and embrace the capital of the EU.” 

(Omar Mohout, Geektime.com)


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Belgium’s 10 innovative startups


Investment Opportunities in Belgium for Japanese companies

Belgium (source: Wikimedia commons)

Belgium (source: Wikimedia commons)




Tokyo – On May 12, addressing and presiding over the Seminar on investment opportunities in Belgium, Prime Minister Charles Michel and Deputy Prime Minister Kris Peeters, highlighted the recent measures taken by the Federal Government of Belgium to support the business and investment climate and strengthen Belgium’s attractiveness as a gateway to Europe.

One of the key notes at the seminar was the presentation of BELGIUM AND ITS NEIGHBOURS’ BUSINESS CLIMATES COMPARED 2015 edition, a comparison of business climates in Belgium and other European countries, which was delivered by Mr Masatomo Nomura, Chair of the BJA Investment Committee.

This study of studies looks at the four areas:

As the pages on global attractiveness show, there is a rather big gap between the perception of Belgium and reality. In other words, the recognition of ‘Belgium’ as a brand is low, but in reality the Belgian economy is highly globalised and investors discover pleasant surprises afterwards.

The pages on headquarters and holding companies show that Brussels is one of the leading cities in Europe for business. Not only because of its central location in Europe, but also because of its internationally open business culture and the ease of doing business, reasonable level of office rent and an investor-friendly tax regime, Belgium is a highly regarded location.

When it comes to logistics, Belgium ranks number 1 in Europe because of the strong combination of excellent infrastructure, accessibility and superb cost efficiency for distribution.

Concerning research and development, Belgium is in the top five countries in the world for the quality of scientific research institutions. The quality of mathematics and science education is among the top 3 in the world. University-industry collaboration is very active, which shows potential to bring the results of research to the market.


Download the report from our Blog: Belgium and its neighbours business climates compared 2015 (BJA) 

More details from the BJA at:  BJA News Flash – 2015 BJA Investment Publication


Back to the future? Belgian Beer made from bread!


Babylone Beer

Babylone Beer


A small Brussels-based brewery has embarked on a project to make beer from leftover bread, harking back to antiquity, when bread was the main ingredient, rather than barley. This is “Belgian Tech”!

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Shop & Travel in Belgium – Japanese edition !!

Shop and Travel in Belgium

Shop and Travel in Belgium


ショップ&トラベルベルギー2014-2015年秋冬号 /
Japanese Shop&travel in Belgium Fall-Winter 2014-2015.

Link:  Shop and Travel in Belgium Japanese FW 2014-15


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