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Is Japan experiencing a Robot Revolution?

Japanese robot on the moon

Japanese robot on the moon


“Japan is one of the few countries in the world likely to experience something that popular movies have predicted for years: a robot revolution. With PM Abe’s release of his plans for economic structural reform, the topic of creating a Robot Revolution Realization Council came to fruition. The premise of this council is to examine the possibility of introducing more robots into sectors such as manufacturing, agriculture, transportation, and even nursing care to help foster growth in Japan.”    (Riley Walters, The Daily Signal)

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Is Japan experiencing a Robot Revolution?



OHaNAS: get a Japanese Robot Friend (友達 ) and pratice your Japanese !!

OHaNAS (picture: Japan Times)

OHaNAS (picture: Japan Times)


Tomy Co  introduced a conversation robot jointly developed with NTT Docomo Inc. that it claims can hold “natural” conversations with people.

“We want to develop toys that are not only for play, but also for jumping into people’s everyday lives to make them more convenient,” said Tomy COO H.G. Meiji.

The robot, Ohanas, is scheduled for release on Oct. 1 (in Japanese only) and converses with help from a cloud-based conversation database that Docomo calls the “natural-language dialogue platform,” the two firms said.

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OHaNas: get a Japanese Robot Friend (友達 )!!

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OHaNas: get a Japanese Robot Friend (友達 )!!



Soon the “Rise of the Machines”?

OR “14 surprising jobs that robots are doing”

(Source:  Business Insider, MSN)

The Rise of Machines ???

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Robotics in Japan: towards Human-Robot coexistence and cooperation !

What is the Future of Robots ?

What is the Future of Robots ?


Great Presentation “ Toward a new era of EU-Japan cooperation in Robotics: rationale and objectives”

and Insight from Masakatsu Fujie, Faculty of Science and Engineering, WasedaUniversity, Tokyo, Japan !!

ReadWaseda Presentation – Robotics Workshop

What is your take on the subject?

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