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The EU–Japan EPA (Economic Partnership Agreement) is signed!!

EU-Japan Trade

EU-Japan Trade

“History was made in Tokyo on 17 July 2018. At the 25th EU–Japan Summit, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe met Donald Tusk, president of the European Council, and Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission, for the long-awaited signing of the EU–Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA). It is set to become the world’s largest bilateral agreement, covering 600 million people and nearly a third of global trade.

Formal negotiations began in 2013 and were finally concluded last December. The initial aims of the agreement were to solidify the economic relationship between the EU and Japan by removing tariffs, creating more transnational business opportunities and promoting job creation. However, in the political context of 2018, the EPA also represents the ongoing commitment of both the EU and Japan to free trade, fair trade and friendship.”  (source: EURO Biz)


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More details about the agreement from:




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Source: Ultimate Survival Guide Business Japan, Book, Philippe Huysveld

Workshop “Keys for Success in Japan”

Workshop “Keys for Success in Japan” in the context of the Val d’Oise Prefecture’s Novembre 2017 Japan Promotion Action “Le Mois du Japon”, at CEEVO offices, Cergy-Pontoise, France (Novembre 15th, 2017)


Interactive Japan Business Workshop: Atelier “Les clés du succès au Japon”:

“ Destiné aux entreprises désireuses de nouer des partenariats avec des Japonais, ou de se développer sur le marché nippon, cet atelier abordera les thèmes suivants : communiquer avec des Japonais, adapter ses méthodes de travail, négocier avec des Japonais ou encore, s’approprier les bonnes pratiques pour développer des affaires au Japon.
Cet atelier durera entre 1h30 et 2 heures au maximum.

Intervenants :

Monsieur Jean- François BENON, Directeur Général du CEEVO (Comité d’Expansion Economique du Val d’Oise).​Monsieur Philippe HUYSVELD, Consultant Business Europe-Japon, GBMC (Global Business & Management Consulting).”

Novembre 15th 2017, 18-20:00 at Conseil départemental du Val d’Oise (Cergy), Cergy-Pontoise (Val d’Oise), Paris area, France


“5 Clefs pour réussir en affaires au Japon” (in French)

a GBMC’s cross-cultural management related Workshop

GBMC Presentation – Les clefs du succès au Japon – CEEVO – Nov 2017 (hand out)

Mr Benon of CEEVO and Philippe Huysveld of GBMC animated this France-Japan Business related Workshop, during which we spoke about “Keys for Success in Japan” and replied to questions of the participants in a very interactive way (2 hours session in total)!


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