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Nikkei/FT: towards a EU-Japan FNA (Free News Agreement) ?

Nikkei/FT: towards a EU-Japan FNA (Free News Agreement) ?

Nikkei/FT: towards a EU-Japan FNA (Free News Agreement) ?

“Thursday’s surprise announcement by Nikkei Inc. that it’s buying the London-based FT Group, one of the world’s most respected and influential media groups, immediately raised questions about whether the Japanese company can successfully manage such a highly regarded news company. The Nikkei group, Japan’s most powerful financial media group, said it will buy the Financial Times publisher from Pearson PLC for about ¥160 billion ($1.3 billion) by procuring all outstanding stocks.” (Japan Times)

Yes, independance of the Press and, in particular, of the FT Editorial Team is a key concern.

However, on the bright side, in the context of the EU-Japan FTA negotiations, we hope that this high profile acquisition will enhance collaboration in the EU-Japan news/media sector and boost sharing of Industrial and Financial News/Information on both sides (EU and Japan).  Business News sharing would definitely  support Free Trade!!

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Nikkei/FT: towards a EU-Japan FNA (Free News Agreement) ?



Interested in EU-Japan Relations?

Europe - Japan relations

Europe – Japan relations


YES? Then join us on Linked In at the “Japan-EU Trade & Industry Group”:


Approaching 400 carefully selected members (typically, Japanese executives or EU business professionals living  in Japan or in Europe but keeping a deep connection with Japan), the group welcomes new members showing a deep interest in Doing Business in Japan and in the EU.

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The 5th EU Japan Economic Forum 2014

EU Japan Economic  Forum

EU Japan Economic Forum

The EU Japan Economic Forum 2014

Summary Report


This report tracks the insights and discussions of Asia Matters’ 5th EU Asia Top Economist Round Table, the ‘EU Japan Economic Forum’ that took place in Tokyo on 14 November.

The event focused on three key topics impacting EU Japan economic relations:

– Assessing Abenomics: The Lasting Impact for the Japanese Economy

– Concluding the Japan EU EPA

– Challenges on the Path to 2015

– Focus on Foreign Direct Investment: Two way investment between Japan and the EU.

The fifth edition of the one-day C-summit style conference followed the success of previous TERTs in Dublin and Tokyo and featured top economists, key speakers from Nissan, Philips, BNP Paribas, as well as senior government officials from METI, MOFA, JETRO and the EU Delegation. Forum held in partnership with EBC, EU Japan Centre , EUSI, Keizai Doyukai and JETRO.

Source: Asia Matters:



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The EU Single Market: an attractive destination for Japanese FDI !


The EU Single Market



The EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation has just released 2 major Publications about the EU and its Single Market, as an attractive destination for Japanese investors. The link to the Centre’s Publication page is: http://www.eu-japan.eu/publications


GBMC heavily contributed, as main author, to the Destination Europe Project, among others, carrying Interviews of selected Japanese companies established in Europe, as well as doing the field research and drawing a wide Panorama of key Industries in the EU. The 2 Reports are the following ones:


1) Title: “An assessment of key EU industrial sectors open to Japanese technological cooperation and investment”

This publication will help Japanese researchers, companies and other organisations take advantage of the considerable opportunities to establish and develop industrial activities or relationships in the EU. It begins with an explanation of how EU industry is expected to change, the impact and benefits the EU Single Market offers, how IPR protection is simplifying and strengthening, and new opportunities under the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme. Then, it identifies key industrial sectors and sub-sectors likely to be of potential interest to Japan, including brief mention of some of the countless recent examples demonstrating the already-close industrial ties. Finally, its case studies outline the experience of 14 Japanese companies and business federations which have established activities in Europe.

Direct Link:  http://www.eu-japan.eu/sites/eu-japan.eu/files/AnAssessmentOfKeyEUIndustrialSectors_FINAL.pdf


2) Title: “Destination Europe – The EU Single Market: an attractive destination for Japanese FDI”

This publication is an information material on the European Union as an attractive destination for Japanese investments. The European Union has historically been a major destination for foreign direct investment, offering Japanese companies the benefits of a Single Market of more than 500 million people. At the same time, there is still a considerable potential for further expansion of Japanese investment activity in the EU Member States now that the economies of Japan and the EU are on the way to becoming even more integrated as a result of the ongoing Free Trade Agreement negotiations. Japanese companies and investors will find useful information about the benefits of the EU Single Market that will encourage them to invest in one or several of our 28 Member States.

Direct Link: http://www.eu-japan.eu/sites/eu-japan.eu/files/DestinationEurope_1.pdf


Please check out the material and let us know your opinion.

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