Belgium’s 10 innovative startups

Belgium (Wikimedia commons)

Belgium (Wikimedia commons)


“Belgium is bursting with creative and engineering talent. Meeting close to 1,000 Belgian tech founders and CEOs every year, I am always wowed by the often unique and innovative approaches of many of the country’s startups.

Two thirds of the startups in Belgium are B2B, the complete opposite of the 2/3-heavy B2C Silicon Valley. It shouldn’t come as a surprise. Belgium is right in the middle of the so called Blue Banana, the region with the most diverse industrial capabilities, expertise, and infrastructure in the world. It’s not a coincidence that Raspberry PI and Arduino were born here. It explains why the renaissance of hardware (startups) is taking place here and not in China or the U.S. So if you’re a B2B or hardware SME, leave the Valley aside and embrace the capital of the EU.” 

(Omar Mohout,


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Belgium’s 10 innovative startups



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