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Honda Jet and Japan’s Business Jet Market: MoU signed between Honda Aircraft and ANA!

HondaJet (Picture – Flightglobal & Honda Aircraft)


“ANA Holdings and Honda Aircraft Company announced that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for a strategic partnership supporting the expansion of the business jet market around the globe by using Honda Aircraft’s technologically advanced HondaJet.

ANA, which currently operates about 260 commercial airplanes throughout the world, will introduce current business jet users and its commercial flight customers to the HondaJet by maximizing the utilization of the aircraft. ANA will use the HondaJet for its charter and feeder flights connecting them to the existing broad network at major travel hubs in North America and Europe.”

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ANA and the A380: Airbus wins a new customer in return for invaluable Skymark support

ANA_orders (Source - ANA)

ANA_orders (Source – ANA)


“ANA is likely to become an A380 operator, with three aircraft due for delivery from 2018. Operating the A380 was not in ANA’s plans. In fact, as ANA itself has itself stated, there are many arguments against taking A380.

The aircraft order appears to be a trade-off: ANA won the last minute support of Airbus to vote for its restructuring plan of the bankrupt Skymark Airlines. There was little obvious reason for Airbus to back ANA, a tiny Airbus customer, over the alternative restructuring plan proposed by Delta, itself a major Airbus operator. It may be that in exchange for Airbus’ support ANA agreed to do more business with Airbus.”    (CAPA – Center for Aviation)


Looking forward to more A380 and other Airbus orders (and, therefore, less Boeing orders) for the Japanese Market!! What do you think?


Read more from: ANA and the A380: Airbus wins a new customer in return for invaluable Skymark support

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