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Fight the #CORONAVIRUS by wearing a #MASK, like in #Japan!

Don’t forget to wear a #Mask!


Wearing a Noh Mask (source: International Noh Institute)

Wearing a Noh Mask (source: International Noh Institute)


Many French people (as well as Westerners in general) do not like or are not used to wear masks!

In Asia and in Japan, in particular, this is part of everyday life, as citizens do not want to infect/contaminate their fellow citizens.

Following the CORONAVIRUS crisis worldwide, health authorities are strongly recommending to wear masks in order to avoid spreading the virus as well as getting infected oneself. Some people however refuse to comply with this, ignoring the warnings and various messages on TV, as this is part of the local culture.


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Philipppe Huysveld

Philipppe Huysveld



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