New official website “EU Business in Japan” coming soon!

As explained in page 3 of the October 2013 Newsletter of the EU-JAPAN CENTRE FOR INDUSTRIAL COOPERATION

(see attached file: EU-Japan News October 2013), the EU-Japan Centre is developing a new website ( dedicated to

business information on Japan, as well as running related side activities (webinars, experts’reports, e-learning sessions) on Japan for EU companies.

As the website will be members only, you can already register (for free) at the following link: The website will be launched in January 2014.

Further, GBMC will contribute to the project by providing 3 Market Reports and animating 3 webinars on the following subjects:

Japan Entry Strategy (webinar scheduled on 25 February 2014)

Get to know your Client and Adapt (about B2C and B2B Marketing Strategies in Japan; webinar scheduled on 16 April 2014)

Renewable Energies in Japan (webinar scheduled on 20 May 2014)

Please feel free to register and to follow/join/contact us (!  Further details will be given in later posts.

Finally, in the same October 2013 Newsletter (check page 17) of the EU-Japan Centre, you will find a revised version of one of our articles

“IS JAPAN STILL INNOVATIVE?”. We hope you will like it.


About GBMC

GBMC (Global Business & Management Consulting): Based in Paris area, we are a proactive Professional Service Provider and Consultancy specialized in the following three domains: 1) EU-Japan Business Consulting (Consultancy, Import-Export, Training & Translation). 2) General Business Consulting (Business Coaching, Technical Markets Consulting) 3) Management Consulting (Interim Management, Transition Management) Please check for details View all posts by GBMC

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