FLIGHT TEST Review: the Falcon 8X from Dassault is out now!

FALCON 8X (Picture Flightglobal - Dassault)

FALCON 8X (Picture Flightglobal – Dassault)


“When the annual EBACE business aviation show kicks of in Geneva on 24 May, Dassault’s new flagship business jet, the ultra-long-range Falcon 8X, will be just days away from its planned joint European Aviation Safety Agency (CS 25) and US Federal Aviation Administration (FAR 25) certification. Its entry into service is planned for the third quarter of 2016.

Dassault describes the 8X as an evolution of its hugely successful Falcon 7X/EASy III cockpit – rather than a revolution – but one with a slew of extra cabin options, a substantial range increase and a raft of further avionic and reliability upgrades. All this while retaining the 7X’s outstanding characteristics, including its fly-by-wire digital flight control system; its flexibility in short field (and therefore non-hub) operations, both for landing and take-off; continued certificated steep approach capability (e.g. to airports such as London City, Lugano, La Mole and St Moritz); having a basic empty weight lighter by up to 25% or more than competitors; and with direct operating costs lower by even more significant margins, of up to 35%.”    (Flightglobal)

“Longer fuselage than the 7X, but with no empty weight penalty and more engine power 8X performance still delights.”  (Dassault Aviation)


Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing it in the air (flying)!

Let us know if you find a Video of it …

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