Europe-Japan Business Consulting

Consult with GBMC and get the Europe– Japan Markets at your door’s threshold!

Crisis solution or First help stop !

Whatever your most urgent requirements are, whatever the phase of your project, whatever the size of your operations, GBMC provides your organization with punctual assistance as well as with full scale solutions, helping you to export & launch your products or services overseas, assisting you in finding new products for your local market or even helping you to set up operations abroad. For both the Japanese market and Western European markets (France, Benelux, UK, Germany). GBMC assists you on compliance with customs clearance, domestic distribution knowledge, B2B market studies, feasibility studies, strategic planning and even office setting.

Our Commitment

GBMC is dedicated to developing new international business and helping companies in Japan and in Europe to penetrate both Japanese and European markets. Our japan consultants assist our clients in improving working relationships in multicultural environments and we are committed to provide you with the relevant amount of consultancy, professional service, training & guidance along each project stage, whenever needed or asked. Your project is unique to us and is our priority.

Our Services

In terms of EU – Japan Consulting, our services consist in a mix of consultancy, foreign trade and training activities.

•Market Entry and Market Development Consultancy

We offer our clients Strategic Consultancy Services aimed at entering or developping the European and Japanese Markets, These services include:

  • Market Research and Market Analysis
  • Customized Market Reports (EU, Japan)
  • B2B Prospection Services
  • Strategical Marketing & Product Strategy
  • Feasibility Studies (identify business opportunities in the markets and evaluate potential of products, as well as viability of projects)
  • Joint Venture Consultancy Services (identify potential partners for collaboration or joint venture, draw up short list and carry out interviews, negotiate collaboration agreements)
  • Business Start up/Office set up Consultancy Services (plan and implement Japan Entry Strategy, SWOT Analysis of the relevant industry, location and cost study)

Example of a Market Research & Analysis Project: for a Japanese Automotive parts supplier, carry out an extensive search on the European Telematics/ITS market and more specifically on the European GPS Market. Report includes: Market Definition & Size, EU Vision & Policy for ITS, Market Players, Focus on the ETC and the Car Navigation (OEM & Aftermarket) Market Segments, ITS Future.

Example of a B2B Prospection Mission: for a Japanese Healthcare device manufacturer, first carry out an Analysis of the European Healthcare Market and then, after consulting with our client, approach the selected healthcare distributors across Europe for product & business presentations.

Example of a Feasibility Study Project: for the same Japanese Healthcare device manufacturer, study and summarize the obstacles & required actions in order to introduce a new line of healthcare products in Europe. Report includes: EU Medical Marking, TUF testing, pricing structure & margin levels, key exhibitions in Europe, distribution network.

Example of a short-term Office Set up Mission (a few months): on behalf of a British manufacturer, after an initial product training, carry out a Market Research in the field, in the Kansai region (Osaka), assess the market potential for their product line and feasibility study of investing in Japan, including office location search & office rental cost determination . Finally, Preparation and Presentation to the Board of Directors of a Business Plan for the new office to be opened.

Examples of Customized MARKET REPORTS:

1) “Get to know your Client and Adapt (in Japan)”    (Octobre 2013)

Market Report (60 pages) about B2C and B2B Marketing Strategies in Japan, written for the EU-JAPAN CENTRE’s new website (

2) “Japan Entry Strategy(Link)”    (Novembre 2013)

Market Report (60 pages) about Japan Entry Methods, written for the EU-JAPAN CENTRE’s
new website ( “Renewable Energies (in Japan)”    (Decembre 2013)
Market Report (75 pages) about Renewable Energies in Japan, written for the EU-JAPAN CENTRE’s new website (


Further, as an addition to our Consultancy Services, we also offer:

•Foreign Trade / Import and Export Services

◦Administrative & Communication Support

◦Customs Clearance & Logistics Support

◦Professional Presence

◦Third Party Assistance

◦Exhibition/Event Support

■preliminary organisation of the exhibition

■accompaniment in the exhibition

Example of Third Party Assistance: facilitate Effective and Efficient Communication between buyer and seller by taking part in negotiations, teleconference or face-to-face meetings. Help with technical or commercial proposals whenever requested.

Example of Exhibition Support: help an exporter or a manufacturer to organize an event, to set up and manage a booth at an exhibition of your choice in Europe or in Japan. Includes Local problems and communication problems solving.

• Japan Coaching Services

Under our careful supervision, we will help you in implementing the “cross-cultural  4Ps”:

€- Patience: credibility and trust are key and can not be built overnight or even in a couple of years !

€- Presence: you must be there on a regular basis, always contactable in person, as the face and the presence of your company !

€- Presentation: you must tailor your behaviour, communications and “personal branding” to your Japanese audience !

€- Perspective: you must see things from the viewpoint of someone with another background, in another business/social and religious culture from your own !           


More info from our website:







– EU-日本の市場参入と市場展開のコンサルティング・サービスを提供しています。


* 市場調査と分析

* B2Bサーチ・サービス

* 戦略的マーケティングと商品戦略

* フィージビリティー・スタディー


* 合弁会社設立コンサルティング・サービス


* 事業開始のコンサルティング・サービス

(市場参入戦略の計画と実装, 産業のSWOT分析、場所とコストの調査, 子会社や事務所の設立)





* 事務管理、業務サポート、コミュニケーションでのサポート

* 通関と物流のサポート

* 代表サービス

* 展示会、イベントのサポート





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