Europe-Japan cross-cultural Training and Lecturing

Our Objectives

Many people think that they can just rush into Japan, grab a few deals and leave the “touchy cultural stuff” until later. The same people also think that they can follow it up with some videoconferencing, relying on an agent or a distributor and on occasional business trips. The result is that they find themselves isolated from the real world and excluded from business opportunities because of simple cultural mistakes and poor communication.

Whether you want to set up a whole operation in Japan, or just develop your business in Japan through third parties, you must be able to communicate well and understand what is really going on in the minds of your Japanese counterparts or you risk being left at the starting line !

Therefore, our aim is to help you understand the differences of culture between Western countries and Japan, so that you can launch and grow your business without risking failure or being left out of the game. Our Training Programs will save you loads of time, money and energy trying to get your bearings in an unfamiliar world.

We will teach you HOW to make credible and lasting business relationships in Japan, and ultimately create a highly successful business, by understanding the cultures and business environment of Japan. To do so, we will show you HOW to build confidence by understanding the key elements of Japanese business culture, and by using that knowledge in the appropriate context.


Above all, we will teach you the importance of the “cross-cultural 4Ps”: 

€ – Patience: credibility and trust are key and can not be built overnight or even in a couple of years !

€ – Presence: you must be there on a regular basis, always contactable in person, as the face and the presence of your company !

€ – Presentation: you must tailor your behaviour, communications and “personal branding” to your Japanese audience !

€ – Perspective: you must see things  from the viewpoint of someone with another background, in another business/social and religious culture from your own !

Here is just a little of what we cover in our Training Programs:

– Identify the key elements of Japanese culture and business

– Understand why cultural awareness is important to your business

– Follow the basics of Japanese business etiquette

– Learn how to communicate and present yourself well

– Develop leadership, negotiating and networking skills in Japan.


Our Services:
EU-Japan cross-cultural Training & Lecturing

€- Cross cultural training for European staff in Japanese companies

€ – Cross cultural training for Japanese expatriates working in Europe

€ – Training for European companies who have Japanese customers, clients or partners
(Japan business etiquette, Japanese business culture, doing business with Japan ….)    



Sumo Match



Talking about a fascinating country and key Economic Power like Japan could be the object of a full course or even an academic program. Therefore, as an introduction to the subject, this workshop  focuses on two key questions: WHY and HOW to do business with Japan ?

In the first Part (the WHY Part), we start with an overview of the Japanese Industry and Economy, we show that it is a major Market where Innovation, Long-term Strategy & Customer Service are key and where International companies need to be. Further, we explain the mutual benefits for Japan and the EU to conclude an EPA (Economic Partnership Agreement). This is a hot topic at the moment !

In the second Part (the HOW TO Part), we learn how to negotiate and to build long-term relationships with Japanese businessmen & companies and we make an analogy with the Japanese “Sumo”. Finally, we analyse what went wrong in the following Case Study: ”Opportunities for French SMEs in the Japanese Aerospace Industry: how to improve business relations.”

The Workshop is a combination of Powerpoint presentations, interactive Q&A and case study.


” As the coordinator of Business Executives Seminars at Vesalius College I had the opportunity to meet Philippe Huysveld and attend his Workshop “Business Relation with Japan”. Mr.Huysveld, undoubtedly, has extensive knowledge in this field. He gave a very in depth and at the same time clear and easy to follow presentation about why one should do business with the Japanese and how one should do business with the Japanese. Educational, interesting and inspiring, Mr.Huysveld has not only managed to explain but imprint the concept of “kaizen” within me personally.”

                                                                                                                      Dasha Ivanova, Vesalius College, Brussels

“I have known Philippe Huysveld as a lecturer in our ‘business executives seminar’ series. His workshop on “Business Relations with Japan” was very successful. Philippe is very knowledgeable in this field and his workshop was valued by the students. I can highly recommend him.”

                                                                                         Pr. Bert Mosselmans, ex-Dean, Vesalius College, Brussels


We also provide other customized services in addition to those above, depending on your requirements.


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