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GBMC’s Interviews highlihting #Japanese companies presence in #Europe are online now! 

GBMC’s Interviews highlihting #Japanese companies presence in #Europe are online now! Check out:

Source: GBMC Interviews Section, Europe Japan Relations

Japanese High Tech Industry Challenges

HIgh Tech Industry Challenges

HIgh Tech Industry Challenges

” This is a critical time for Japan’s high-tech industry, and it’s only through leveraging core strengths to facilitate differentiation and implementing a strategy that harnesses group-level synergies, that the industry will be able to reinvent itself at speed and at scale to once more achieve global preeminence. ” (Accenture)

For more details, check: http://www.accenture.com/us-en/Pages/insight-highlights-communications-japanese-consumer-electronics.aspx?c=glb_acnemalert_10001787&n=emc_0215&emc=20757712:emc-031215



Which future for the Japanese Electronics and Audio-Video Industries?

Japanese Electronics and Audio-Video Industries

Japanese Electronics and Audio-Video Industries


Sony Corporation’s new multiyear business plan includes separating its audio and video segment into a wholly owned subsidiary later this year.  The company does not rule out the potential sale of those struggling units as part of restructuring at the Tokyo-based electronics and entertainment group. Sony has already sold off its personal computer business under the restructuring.

Read morehttp://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2015/02/26/business/corporate-business/sony-chief-denies-spinoffs-mean-immediate-withdrawal/#.VPMVe-k3PIV

About the need for Structural Reforms in Japan’s Electronics Industry

Global Electronics Market Shares

Structural Reforms in Japan’s Electronics Industry



Great analysis in the Economist!  What are your views?




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