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Kyushu (south of Japan): the “train of dreams” is alive !!


JR Kyushu-luxury train

JR Kyushu-luxury train (Picture: JR Kyushu)


Luxury ‘dream train’ designed over 100 years ago goes into service in Kyushu!

Kyushu Railway Co. (JR Kyu-shu) has just launched the commercial operation of a luxury passenger train, a revival of a dream train created more than a century ago. The train, Aru Ressha, features a gold and black exterior with an arabesque design and a gorgeous interior comparable to that of a luxury hotel. Passengers are served a first-class sweets course that uses seasonal food from the region. The train was originally built by a U.S. company in 1908 following an order from the then predecessor of JR Kyushu, but did not go into service at the time as the Japanese company was nationalized.” (Japan Times)

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Kyushu (south of Japan): the “train of dreams” is alive !!



South of Japan: JR Kyushu to be fully privatised in fiscal 2016

Train in Kyushu (image source: JR Kyushu)

Train in Kyushu (image source: JR Kyushu)


The Japanese government has recently decided to put Kyushu Railway Co. under full private ownership in fiscal 2016. It has decided to pursue full privatization because JR Kyushu has achieved good business results in the fields of real estate and hotels, according to officials. JR Kyushu is one of seven railway operators established after the breakup of Japanese National Railways, or JNR, in April 1987.

Time to invest maybe?

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