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About how to “survive” in Japan’s Business World

How to survive in Japan

How to survive in Japan

In 2012, the EU-Japan Centre carried out a Survey of EU SMEs on their Internationalisation towards Japan (Source: In Search for Growth: Towards a New Role for SMEs in EU-Japan Relations, EU-JAPAN CENTRE FOR INDUSTRIAL COOPERATION 2013).   The obstacles most often mentioned by respondents (126 European SMEs) were:

  1. Language barriers (55%),
  2. Difficulty to grasp business practices,
  3.  Costs,
  4. Difficulty in understanding the local laws or regulations,
  5. Conforming to Japanese standards.

So, you have a “Homework” to do when approaching one of the most dynamic and challenging market in the world. Of course, you should and you could start reading a couple of books/papers about Japan (you will find some resources on the “Publications” Page of our website http://www.gbmc.biz), as well as taking part in various cross-cultural training seminars (which we also offer at GBMC) or executive training programs.

However, there is a quicker way to kick off your “Japan Project”. If you are a business executive of a company:

  • approaching the Japanese Market,
  • reviewing its options in terms of Japan Entry Strategy,
  • already exporting to Japan (Indirect Sales) or,
  • already established and doing business in Japan (Direct Sales).


(after a quote from “Wall Street”, Oliver Stone’s movie)

It will save you a lot of time, research and money, as the base of what you need to know is summarised in one single place:

Yabusame 8

The Ultimate Survival Guide for Business in Japan”

In this book, I show::

  • That the Japanese Market is a great market to approach and that, provided the right methodology and marketing mix, there are great opportunities to seize in the long-term for foreign (EU) companies.
  • That it is necessary to get familiar with cross-cultural differences and to understand better your Japanese clients, their country, their culture and their business system.
  • How to market your products or services in Japan (B2C and B2B Marketing Guidelines).
  • Which Entry Strategies are available to foreign companies to choose from and guidelines for selection.

So feel free to check the book details.


The eBook is available right now for sale on various e-commerce sites (KOBO/AMAZON/LULU/YOUSCRIBE/FNAC/RAKUTEN/IBOOK).

The useful links are provided on our website at the “eBooks” page:



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