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Driverless MiniBuses (EV) in La Rochelle (France) !!

Driverless bus (Actu Environnement)

Driverless bus (Actu Environnement)

The city of La Rochelle in France has just hosted, in the context of the EU experiment “Citymobil 2″, a fleat of fully automated and electric vehicles with the aim of transporting city passengers and of checking the ” social acceptability” of the project. 14.661 journeys were counted on board of six minibuses operated without drivers during a period of over 4 months in La Rochelle (France). 100% Electric (EVs), these vehicules are  5 m long and 1.5 m wide and can carry up to 10 people. Their speed in public areas may not exceed 15 km/h and has even been reduced to 8 km/h in order to avoid incidents in this seaside touristic town. There were however no collisions/accidents during the test period!

These automated buses, built by the French manufacturer Robosoft, are connected to monitoring systems and are equipped with an advanced GPS system as well as a laser mapping system for localisation and movement control. To detect obstacles at front and on the side (bicycles, walkers, starting cars …), laser and ultrasound devices are used.

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With thanks to Pr Jean Englebert for submitting/introducing this article/project.



Model “Smart Homes” for display in Japan!

Smart Homes

Smart Homes


Check out the following Video:

Toshiba, Honda and Sekisui House Bring the Future to the Present with a Real-World Smart Home”

The three companies created together a newly-built, fully livable, two-household model home that envisions a lifetime of comfort and sustainability, and embodies the goal of a zero carbon emission lifestyle by the year 2020. This model home is being used to test and verify technologies for future lifestyles by putting them into practical use.




“Fujisawa” or PANASONIC’s take on a green town


Fujisawa green town (© Getty)

Fujisawa green town (© Getty)


Japan is investing in a greener future, and electronics giant Panasonic is leading the way with its ‘smart town’, called Fujisawa.

The environmentally-friendly town was launched at the tail end of last year and, since then, the houses have been occupied with residents who are all keen to do their bit for the environment.

Fujisawa’s price tag is around £320 million. The town will have 1,000 solar-powered homes, along with electric cars and bikes that can be used by the community.

Around 3,000 residents are expected to move in by 2018. Alongside being eco-friendly, the project has also been carefully engineered to protect it against natural disasters.

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