Welcome to GBMC (Global Business and Management Consulting)

Based in Paris area, we are a proactive Professional Service Provider and International Business Consulting firm specialised in the following three domains:

¤: Europe-Japan Business Consulting:   Philippe Huysveld and R. Motoko Huysveld offer different kinds of business consulting  services targeted at Japanese companies approaching the European Market, as well as targeted at European  companies approaching the Japan market or doing business with Japanese companies.

∑  MARKET REPORTS (Europe, Japan)
(B2C and B2B Marketing, Entry Strategy,
help with Office Set Up … )

¤: Europe-Japan Cross-cultural Training, Lecturing & Speaking: we offer different kinds of lectures, professional training, seminars and workshops related to Europe and Japan.

¤: Interim-Transition-Change Management Consulting:  we assist Large Organizations in need of Change Management or Transition Management, as well as provide Interim Management Services whenever needed.


Great Services don’t cost, they pay for themselves !


Our Specificities are:

© we operate all over Western Europe (not only France) and Japan

© our quality-work is customised to your needs (not standard)

© we cover B2B Technical & Industrial Markets (like Energy, Automotive, Aerospace, Railways, ICT), with a cross-cultural Europe-Japan perspective. Of course, we also cover other “less technical” markets!

© we work in French, English and Japanese.  

At GBMC, we recognise that every client is different (size, background, business domains, corporate culture …. ) and we therefore tailor our services in order to help you succeed in your international business challenges or overcoming your obstacles.

We consider each project as unique and we strongly believe in assisting our clients along every stage of the process. Please feel free to contact us, whatever the enquiry. In short, we offer Competent, Quality Europe-Japan  Business and Management Consulting !   


More info from our website:




We usually invite our existing and potential clients to join our community of Internet followers: you will find more details about us as a business consulting company, our activities (presentations, articles, reports) and our latest developments:

– by checking our website:  www.gbmc.biz

– by also checking our Company PAGES on Linked In: http://www.linkedin.com/company/2420671

– by also checking our recommended PAGES on Linked In: http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=4385902




– EU-日本関連のビジネスコンサルティング






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